We’re rethinking food distribution to help create more sustainable systems. We partner with upstate family farms and artisans to bring you the most delicious pastured meats, nutrient-dense vegetables and small-batch provisions. By supporting these rural entrepreneurs, you help sustain local economies and contribute to healthier communities. In return, you get pristine quality, seasonal deliciousness and convenient home delivery. It’s a victory all around.

Money raised through donations and a percentage of our profits go to support these organizations: 

WELLNESS IN THE SCHOOLS - This national non-profit teaches kids healthy habits to learn and live better. They partner with school districts to provide nutrition and fitness education, healthy scratch-cooked meals and active recess periods. Their approach shifts school cultures, improving student outcomes and driving systemic, long-term change. 

A SINGLE BITE - This non-profit based in Sullivan County, NY, was created to offer education and support around issues of nutrition and food insecurity. In the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, they are currently delivering free meals to local families in need.